Central Connecticut Paralegal Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 230594
Hartford, CT 06123-0594

2017-2018 CCPA Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

President – Larry O’Neal
Executive Vice President – Jessica Snide
Treasurer – Rose Frink/ Brandon Angell (Ass't Treasurer)
Secretary – Vacant
NFPA Primary – Patt Tharpe
NFPA Secondary – Shelly Bender

Directors/Committee Chairs

Charter & Bylaws Director – Pam DiCicco
CLE Director – Josephine Signore
Membership Director – Cecilia Bayek
Newsletter Director – Jessica Snide
Program Director – Josephine Signore
Student Liaison – Elizabeth Thompson, RP


Ad Hoc Committees

Bar Association Liaison – Melissa Jacobs
CT Alliance – Patt Tharpe

Immediate Past President - Larry O'Neal

Information Technology/Public Relations Director – Nicole Ewings
Job Bank – Pina Salvatore
Mentor – Stephanie Stevens
National Affairs Co-Chair – Patricia Tharpe
National Affairs Co-Chair – Shelly Bender
Nominating – Vacant
Paralegal Certification – Elizabeth Thompson, RP
Pro Bono – Vacant
Scholarship – Lisa Vooys, RP

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